Fan Sites


TrekCore offers one of the largest repositories for information on every Star Trek episode and movie along with all the latest news, interviews and analysis on Blu-ray releases, books, gaming, soundtracks and more.


Trekmovie.com is a site for breaking news and information about all aspects of Star Trek. TrekMovie's team of experts bring fans all the news, interviews, previews and reviews about the Star Trek movies, books, comics, merchandise, fan productions, celebrities, events and more.


TrekNews.net is your daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews, interviews and culture. We provide the latest updates and coverage of past television series and films, conventions, video games, books, humor, comics, collecting and more.


For more than a decade, TrekToday has been providing daily news and juicy rumors on everything related to the Star Trek franchise. Fans can join the Star Trek BBS, the internet's largest Trek discussion forum with over 15,000 members and thousands of daily discussions.


TREKZONE.org is Australia’s first Star Trek fan site, going boldly since 2003. Home to episode reviews and The Trekzone Spotlight, an interview podcast series aiming to interview every SciFi alumni in the world!

Additional Sources

Star Trek on Facebook

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Star Trek on Twitter

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The official site of the most recent Star Trek movie. This interactive site features the official trailer, a photo gallery, a synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes and panoramas of the inside of the Enterprise. You can also download wallpapers, icons, a widget and a phaser app.

Ex Astris Scientia

The phrase "Ex Astris Scientia" is known to fans as the motto of Starfleet Academy. It is also a website that focuses on the starships and future technology that appeared in the various series and movies. You can find discussion of artistic, social and philosophical aspects of Star Trek.

Klingon Language Institute

Since 1992, Klingon Language Institute has promoted the study of Klingon linguistics and culture among fans with questions about the language, gamers wanting authenticity for a Klingon character and students and professionals in linguistics, psychology and IT, who see Klingon as a useful metaphor.

Memory Alpha

A free Star Trek reference website that is written collaboratively by the readers. Its goal is to become the largest, most reliable and most up-to-date encyclopedia about everything Trek. The project, which was started in 2003, is a wiki, making it easy for fans to share their knowledge.


The weapons of Star Trek - or at least the Federation ones anyway! Set phasers to stun, and enter to learn the difference between an EM-33 and an Isomagnetic Disintegrator.

Priority One Podcast

Each week, the hosts of Priority One Podcast report and discuss the latest Star Trek News, including updates on Cryptic Studios’ critically acclaimed MMO Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Comics Checklist

A guide to Star Trek comics and graphic novels published in the United States, with brief plot summaries and cover images (or more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics).

Star Trek Minutiae

It's all in the details. An extensive site devoted to the many facets of Star Trek and other science fiction series. Presenting conjectural history articles, detailed technical information, starship size comparisons, an extensive humor archive, thoughtful opinion and commentary and much more.

Star Trek Prop Authority

To document the Art and Production History of Star Trek, this site presents articles on prop & costume authentication - focusing on TOS - and features pictorials to showcase Trek memorabilia in private & public collections, and presents rare Behind The Scenes TOS imagery.

Star Trek Soundtracks

A comprehensive source of news and information on Star Trek movie and TV soundtrack releases, including track listings, liner notes, recording information and review links. Also includes composer-specific episode guides for all series as well as a composer index and music-related links.

Trek Federation

The Federation is the only fan club designed with the help of Gene Roddenbery. Their mission, as assigned by Gene, "Do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode... go places and help people." For over 25 years, The Federation has worked to make a difference and they have fun doing it