Jonathan Bergeron is a French illustrator, essayist and artistic director. He designs have appeared on prints, band and sports shirts, canvas bags, iPhone cases, shower curtains and more. His work focuses on the relationship between myths, folklore, religion and pop culture. It has been showcased in numerous American and Canadian galleries, including Yves Laroche Galerie de art, and has appeared in several magazines.

Bergeron, for as long as he can remember, has been drawing. From street art to vintage art, Hot Rod culture to California Lowbrow, each style holds its own place in his artistic production. His inspirations, dating back to his youth, include Star Wars, H.P. Lovecraft and Gene Roddenberry’s greatest creation, Star Trek.

He lives in Montreal with his wife and son.

What is your vision for the piece you have created? How do you see it fitting into the Star Trek universe?

I see the painting as reminiscent of an old Star Trek illustration, the kind you might see on those paperback sci-fi covers.

How quickly/easily, or not, did your piece/concept come to you? And how long did it take from start to finish to complete the piece?

The idea came to me instantly when I re-watched the episode “Encounter at Farpoint.” It took a couple of days on and off to create the sketch and roughly two weeks to create the painting.

What did you like about working on the piece?

It was just plain fun to do a painting of Q, a character I very much enjoy.

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