Nicolas Beaujouan is a French essayist, artistic director and illustrator. From a young age, he has been inspired by Star Wars, H.P. Lovecraft and also Gene Roddenberry’s iconic creation, Star Trek. Beaujouan’s inventive, often minimalist work focuses on the relationship among myths, folklore, religion and pop culture.

His output includes the book “Geek,” as well as many memorable alternate movie posters and book covers. Examples of the former include I Am Legend, The Lord of the Rings and At the Mountains of Madness, while examples of the latter include Starship Troopers, Alien and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

He lives in Antony, a French commune outside of Paris.

In creating your artwork for the exhibition, what was your inspiration? How did you decide on the concept?

My inspirations were old illumination, Dionysius Freher and his work on Jacob Böhme, and the Tree Of Life. My idea is that in the future that Star Trek was trying to show us, humanity has already reached a gnosis level.

What excited you most about the opportunity to get involved in this Star Trek 50th anniversary art project?

It’s a huge honor, and a great way to give back some of the love the show gave me. What is important to understand is that Star Trek was not really huge here in France. When I was a kid in the 80s only The Original Series was shown, and the movies were not released at the theater after Star Trek IV (if my memory serves me correctly), so when you were in love with Star Trek, you had to make a huge effort to get the VHS. It was a huge part of my childhood, and a universe that really gave me a lot.

How is your Star Trek artwork similar to or different from your other works?

This is probably the first time that I have created a project that means a lot to me and where I have really tried to get across the way I see the show and how important it can be. I have tried to put some really important concepts in it, or at least some really important concepts to me that I can clearly see in Star Trek.

What else about your piece do you think Star Trek fans should know?

Leonard Nimoy died while I was working on it. And I was really, really sad, so I have put a sign for him in the picture...

See Beaujouan's artwork at Public Domain and follow him on Tumblr.