Nicky Barkla is a self-taught psychedelic-surrealist artist. With no prior art training, and only a belief that art should be free of any rules, Barkla displays an unmistakable free-style approach when it comes to portraying self-expression, pop-culture icons and surrealism to represent deep thought alongside simple-yet-complex galaxy scenes from a tent on Mars (OK, not really on that last bit, but close).

Making use of a variety of mixed media, mainly oil paint, and utilizing various unconventional techniques, mediums and curiosity, Barkla challenges the color spectrum in order to produce bleeding Technicolor creations and vivid thoughts and reactions.

She is based in Melbourne, Australia, living disconnected amongst countryside Victoria.

How did you prepare for creating your piece?

Star Trek has been a standard part of my days, ever since I was a kid! As the years passed I grew intricately intrigued with the film phenomenon, and this undeniable staple on everyone’s television. I specifically grew attached to The Next Generation; it left a profound impression on me. Being such a fan of outer space, the final frontier, putting Star Trek on while painting for hours on end became a habit for me.

What does the magic of Star Trek consist of for you?

I appreciate the sincerity. Being an older addition to television, yet based beyond the modern era, I’m able to escape from reality into this genuine world amongst the stars without feeling the wrath of modern-day trickery and flash technology. While being so disconnected from the Internet, my imagination plays a generous part in my day. Star Trek is unlike anything else, accomplished and beyond its years. In my opinion no other space-related franchise can rival the impact that the acclaimed Star Trek has made in modern television. It’s something everyone needs to see at least once to truly appreciate the arts on screen.

What else about your piece do you think Star Trek fans should know?

This painting has been created with great and genuine passion, not only a true passion for painting, but for the entirety of the Star Trek franchise that I’ve followed for years. From front to back, start to finish, I’ve taken great pride in my creation, using only the highest quality materials. I’m incredibly grateful to have been gifted such a chance to share my expression with fellow Star Trek family and aficionados.

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